Saturday, July 13, 2013

Jakarta Adventures

Jakarta become real lively at night. All the street food vendors come out and sell all sorts of food from Nasi Goreng to fruit smoothies. 

A sky view of Jakarta from a high rise building. While Jakarta is developed there are still areas that need improvement. 

Grilled tiger prawns from a restaurant specializing in Sulawesi food. 

We visited a think tank named after a former Indonesia president, Habibie. We were briefed on Indoensian-ASEAN-US Relations by the Executive Director and the ASEAN Program Manager. 

After our visit to the US Embassy we went to visit the Indonesian National Museum. The museum had a collection of statues such as this one of Buddha to recognize the importance and diversity of religion in Indonesia's history.

To learn more about Islam and its influence on Indonesia we visited an Islamic boarding school. The kids we were really excited to get visitors from America. 

On our last day in Jakarta we went to visit @America. A place that promotes American cultures abroad. Look who we ran into while there. The POTUS!!!!

Getting excited about our last field trip in Jakarta.  

We were so thrilled to see an AU decal hanging at the @America Center. 

We celebrated Jose's 21st birthday!!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Celebration

I didn't get any bbq or go to any pool parties, but this will be one of my most memorable 4th of July celebrations. Celebrating America's Independence abroad at the Malaysian U.S. embassy. Extremely fortunate and humbled for being able to experience these invaluable opportunities. ‎#ProudToBeAnAmerican

pictured: Me in front of the American flag in the ballroom, Ambassador Paul Jones speaking with Dr. Heng, Marine escorts at the ballroom entrance, the lovely ladies of this trip: Holly, Myself, Jose, and Hoa.

Last Week in KL

We went to visit Parliament and met with several members of the Parliament from different political parties . This is a group picture with two MPs of the  Democratic Action Party (DAP)

The Petronas Towers at night. 

Professor Heng got us invitations to the attend the 4th of July party with the  U.S Ambassador  to M alaysia, Paul Jones. 

A celebratory cake. 

Mama's Kitchen famous chicken and rice dish. It was delicious. I will miss the food the most in KL. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

More Adventures in KL...Politics and Food.

Briefing of the 2103 Malaysian election results at a local think tank, CENSE.

Late night snack at the Chalk and Cheese downstairs. Rice porridge in a clay pot with century egg. Comfort food, indeed. Reminds me of the rice porridge I ate growing up.  

Fist time trying southern Indian food at Bangsar Village II. The food was amazing. 

Malay food vendors at the National Forest. By far the best Malay food  I've had in KL.

Taking a break to pose for group pictures while hiking up to the canopy walk  at the Malaysian National Forest. 

View of the city from the canopy walk.